Professional and Friend

My wife and had a great experience with Mark. When we were ready to put our house up for sale he was very knowledgeable of the business and helped us stage the house to be viewed. He knew several “handyman” type guys that helped us get our house updated and ready to sell. Once we we ready to look for a new house, he was very in tune to what our likes were. He took us out to lunch and asked us multiple questions regarding our tastes and likes. He was able to find homes in our price range and location immediately. Once we had an offer in our house, he was very knowledgeable coaching us through the selling process and the buying process are well. One day he spent his whole day with us going house to house showing us new homes. He made the closing very simple and stress free. I would recommend Mark to any and all of my friends/professional colleagues who are in need of a realtor. Most of all he befriended me and my family. We will continue to have him over for parties and get-togethers. He is such a caring and warm person. Yes, there are many other poeple we could have chosen as a realtor, but I doubt we would have gained a lifetime friend.